Sunday lunch

I'm back in Surrey now but yesterday when mis padres arrived to collect me and my ten tons of belongings, we went to the Farmhouse in Canterbury for lunch. I'd never been before and was tempted to go even more because I knew on the second Sunday of the month they have thrift stalls!

We has a delicious lunch - beef, fishcakes and sea breem - all of which and the vegetables too are locally sourced and the puds are homemade. I love the decor in there too, so having Father Dowle's DSLR at the ready, I snapped a few pics.

This month most of the stalls were local produce foods, but usually there are vintage clothes stalls too! AND I asked if I would be able to have a stall to sell the cards and trinkets I make and it received a thumbs up. So throughout summer I'll get busy producing bits 'n bobs and then I can sell them there when I'm back in Canterbury in September! Watch this space!

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