So I've just come home from an evening in town with friends, should go to bed at this early hour BUT through an email from the shop Frank in Whitstable, I have discovered the artist Zoe Murphy!

For this coming final year of my degree, one module I have selected is called Interdisciplinary where we explore a theme of architecture through another art and design medium. After some research through magazines, cut outs from my scrapbook, TV (specifically Kirsty's Homemade Home on Channel4), on the internet, I decided upon the theme of 'Make Do and Mend'.

Like old buildings are given new uses - an old factory converted into trendy, modern apartments - old furniture can be given a new lease of life through upholstery. There is no need to buy new when there is such good examples just looking for a little TLC. I had envisaged finding a vintage seat or chair and designing my own fabric or material to reupholster it with. Two thoughts for inspiration were London life and its skyline or the North Kentish seascape (as uni is 15mins away) - oh which to choose?!

Zoe Murphy indeed recycles household objects and furniture and the inspiration is her hometown of Margate, which is half an hour from me here at uni! Her designs give a modern, funky taste to vintage furniture, and according to her blog she is getting well deserved critical acclaim for it! So good, considering she only graduated last summer!

I'll definitely keep my eye on her work to give ideas for my own project and will post ideas, sketches and images as my own design progresses!

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