Bon voyage

Early tomorrow morning my family and I are heading on a long(ish) journey down to the Dordogne in France! I'm looking forward to more constant sunny weather, dipping in the pool, reading and relaxing, and wandering through the quaint villages and markets!
Travelling makes me think of where I really really want to go! I tell my friends all the time that I want to go to South America. Cuba - before it changes too much more, Argentina - Buenos Aires just looks like my kind of place, and any other country on the way! My brother went last year as did my friend Xenia - both their photos look AMAZING!

Next year maybe! As for now,

Au revoir mes amis!

Afterthought: the other day I found a Cuban coin in my purse, must've been mistaken for a 5p. Coincidence?! I think not, it's meant to be!

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