Royal Academy

Today I had an art-filled day with me mam and her cousin at the Royal Academy in London. It's the 4th year in a row that I've been to the Summer Exhibition there and it's great to see such a wide variety of art mediums. For me the most impressive room is the Small Weston Room where the pictures are crammed on to the walls, each frame fighting to stand out!

The architectural exhibits gave me some inspiration on how to present my final years work, collages, models (not my favourite pasttime) and sketches. My particular favourite was a collage by the architect CJ Lim - his photomontages are fantastic too and really give a great impression of ea proposal.

We also had a look at the JW Waterhouse exhibition 'The Modern Pre-Raphaelite' and I have become a fan of his work especially the Lady of Shallot (below) which I studied back in Year 6! His work is beautiful and represent so old tales, myths and stories.Oh, and we spotted Jimmy Page from Led Zepplin in the restaurant!

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  1. I went to the Waterhouse exhibition! Used to love him...walked into the first room and couldn't remember why. Then I saw the Lady Of Shalott, how sad is that painting?! The lighting on her skin and face is amazing, and the sky in the distance.