New York Living

I have always loved reading the magazines you get at the weekend in the Telegraph and even now that I'm at uni, my mum collects them up for me so I can have a major reading fest when I get home. The interviews, fashion, interiors and architecture, the photography... I just have to read them from cover to cover.
When Rita Konig wrote a column in the Telegraph Magazine years ago, I read it every week without fail. And then one day it finished, cause she was moving to New York.Then a couple of years later this article was in the Sunday Telegraph mag about her flat in New York... and it is beeeaaautiful! I adore the way it's decorated, the colours and patterns and her car is great too! One day when I have a flat of my own, I'll definitely be taking some tips and inspiration from hers.Researching her name there are lots of places on the internet where her articles are: here and here.So having gone through my box of magazine cuttings and seeing this again, it makes me more than ever want to live in New York, just for a while!

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