Grown Your Greens

I'm a big fan of vegetables, all sorts. Some I really love: peas, courgettes (which we live off as students, they are literally coming out of our ears!), corn on the con... some not so much: cauliflower, brussel sprouts. But when I eat them they make me feel good about myself, healthy!

In our project we wanted to incorporate allotments into the design, as urban gardens are really beginning to spring up everywhere! A great example are the urban gardens or organopónicos in Havana, Cuba where vegetable farms are set in any vacant spot in the city, car parking lots, site of demolished buildings. Consequently only 10% of produce is imported into the country, so with much more space available surely we could do the same!

Top is a poster by the Keep Calm Gallery, whose stuff and Alphabet bags are great! They have Keep Calm and Carry on posters too and other nostagic slogans!


  1. Dowle! So grateful for the link to that gallery. Love the poster.