With or without you

I never really consider myself the type of person to overly rely on my mobile phone. It's always with me and it's frustrating when it's not, but it's never permenantly attached to my ear. As for Facebook, I know I (and plenty more people than me) spend too much time on it doing... what?! Doing what exactly?!

This week I have given up both these "luxuries" for my friend's uni project, to see how I cope and to record it in a video diary. I know I won't use either; 1. because of my willpower of steel, 2. because my Facebook password has been changed so I physically can't. However even just on Day 2 not having my phone has been a right ol' nuisance especially as I'm planning a trip to London and home tomorrow and generally finding out where my friends are! I feel a bit lonely! I know I really don't need Facebook, so I hope this experience will mean I'll use it less in the end.

We'll just have to see how I cope, and hopefully I'll spend my time doing more relevant activities... maybe blogging much much more!

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