Hook and wool

My Nanna used to knit and crochet alot and over the last few years I have really got into it. Project work is so hectic at the moment - we have out critique on Thursday so every hour of the day is going towards preparing for that - and I just need something to take my mind off of CAD, rendering and housing!

Nanna knitted us bedsocks and crocheted blankets so I thought I'd have a go at an Afghan blanket; once you know how it's pretty easy! I also came across this one by Sandra Juto (via kiddet) and I love the range of colours unified by the off-white.

So I say if you need to take your mind off thing, grab a hook and a ball of wool and get crocheting!

Also I'm going to see John Mayer in concert tomorrow evening (for the third time-big fan me!) and if that doesn't make me smile, nothing will! And thank you to everyone commenting, it makes me glad to know people from all over the globe are having a little gander at my humble blog!

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