Shad Thames

I Never Knew That About London by Christopher Winn explains what 'shad' means. When I knew the Design Museum was in Shad Thames, I thought "What on earth is that?! A 'shad'?! Like a street or a road?". I would look it up again, but the book has gone AWOL (I'll blame the brother!) It's something to do with fish and the docks that were once there, but it's a really interesting little street, apparently Dickens set some of Oliver Twist there!

Yesterday we had a really good look around the Design Museum, there was just so much to see! First the Design Awards had such a range of furniture, architecture, graphics and above are some favourites. The David Adjaye photography exhibition had eye-opening snaps of all across the African continent.

The Sustainable Futures exhibition also included ways, on many scales, in which designers are becoming more sustainable; this is from whole cities in Brazil with incentives such as football tickets for recycling, to portable plants which clarify the air for astronaunts. Even the Design Awards had a wide range of sustainable prducts- which I find so great to see. I think I've become pretty hippie! ,

Check out: Edible Estates by Fritz Haeg, bamboo furniture by Grassworks, pallet furniture by Studiomama, folding plug by Min-Kyu Choi (Mum's favourite), repaired street benches by Linda Brothwell

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