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Today I had the crit for my chair. Having enjoyed the process of designing and making it I wasn't too nervous. The aspects of reuse, make do and mend and nostalgia in design I hope came across, and it received very good feedback. The design ethics is to change people's views of design and to see whether they are game to reuse what is already in circulation, rather than take the easy waay out and buy new. The next idea from my critique panel is to use the leaflets that I produced to see whether anyone could make a deck chair - sort of like a day challenge, build a chair in 12 hours or something.

Doing this module has been a great break from more architectural work, in fact I think I have enjoyed doing this far more. Could their be a future in this? Who knows, we'll see!

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  1. came out so well in the end

    (the poster in the bg is really cool also)