The Beginning

I'm home. For good, well until I go back to Kent for graduation! So I can begin the task of sorting my life out, reading through all the magazines that have been collected up for me. In today's Stella magazine I spotted Holly's Houses, these sweet illustrations which come as stamps. You can have one made for your house!

Being architecturally linked they remind me of the last 3 years that I have spent, beginning my career journey to being an architect. This past few weeks have been a blur, a hive of activity which has come to an abrupt stop. On Friday I found out my results - I got a First! - and then our end of year exhibition opened. It looks great and I'll be posting photos soon. I keep thinking how much I and all my friends have leanred since turning up on the first day. We were standing in Studio One, over a hundred of us in a big circle with a character for a tutor talking to us, starting us on ou way. Whatever he said then, I have forgotten but nothing could have prepared us for the hard work, toil, sweat and tears but also the knowledge and strong friendships that have been forged. Though we complained and cursed, said we would give up and not carry on, we've all survived, except perhaps a few. And all along my housemates, my non-architecture girls, have been there, telling me to take a break and laughing at me when I'd do my characteristic grabbing my head in despair.

Although it's "over", I know it's not. We'll stay in contact and see each other if we want to. The world's a small place. So now onto a job, I'm scared but excited! This is the first time I really haven't had my future planned... so we'll see what happens!

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