Come Dine

Following the TV phenomenon that is Come Dine With Me, a bunch of my friends invited me to be part of our very own cooking competition. The other week we decended on Ree's house where he cooked us a Jamie Oliver dish of chicken on a bed of roasted sweet potato with a summer salad (which wasn't the exact title but will do for now!) and a lemon tart for dessert. That was delish! Steph's camera recorded us giving our scores (which everyone shared apart from me so we can't actually work out who's won before the last night!) and there'll be some prize money!

This morning I watched Saturday Kitchen, which I love, and I think I have gained some inspiration for my dish when it comes around to being my turn. Here it is! I've only recently got into fish and I reckon this could be a good way of me getting into cooking it. As for dessert, I'm not sure still but Ma picked about 120 plums from the garden the other day, so maybe something plum-y? Here has lots of ideas.

Also, the hens are arriving today!!!

Image from Jamie Oliver - grilled butterflied monkfish with a sweet runnerbean stew - another possibility?!

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