Frame Grid

Today I've been tidying my room, prematurely spring cleaning. I enjoy a good clean! I've got lots of photos, posters and illustrations I want to hang up over my bed so these are giving me a bit of inspiration. Some still need frames, so I might make my own or go searching at a flee market sometime soon... or who said it had to be pictures!

Images found at pinterest 1. 16house 2. unknown 3. here


  1. This is how I'd like to put up illustrations in my room - I finally bought my first print a couple of weeks ago and I know it's going to be the start of a collection. But I think I'll end up being won over by my occasional OCD-ness and have to have everything neatly aligned...

  2. One of your illustrations will be up there on my wall! Lighthouse in a tea cup - YES PLEASE!