Falling Slowly

A visit to indeed any exhibition has been long overdue. Even though I worked in London over the past year I "never had the time" to pop along to any. All that has changed!

On Sunday I went on an annual trip to the Royal Academy to see the Summer Exhibition with Lauren. It had a different layout this time around, but I've started to recognise my taste in art as I am always attracted to the same especially the etchings of Norman Ackroyd which show so much movement. Otherwise I gained inspiration from the architecture room where I really liked Dean Pike's The Labyrinth Plan and Marialena Tsolka's Bensalem's Hydra.

On Monday Ma and I saw the BP Portrait Awards at the National Portrait Gallery. I think it's my favourite gallery in town and this exhibition always shows some incredible pieces. It is staggering to see how realistic the portraits are painted. My picks are above:
1. Thread of Light (Portrait of Glen Hansard) by Colin Davidson (plus I have been listening to Hansard's music with The Swell Season on repeat for months!)
2. R.H. by Isobel Peachey
3. Abi by Nathan Ford

Images from: 1. Colin Davidson 2. BP Portrait Awards 3. Nathan Ford

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