Los Organopónicos

My love for Cuba - even though I have never been there - gets stronger every time I read or watch something about the country. I'm able to write about my wildly keen interest in urban agriculture for my dissertation, and I'm currently thinking about doing a comparison between Cuban and British food production and in the city. The situation in Havana and other cities on the island has stemmed from the end of support of the Soviet Union - a case of having to grow your own. Yet it has gone from strength to strength and now is a part of the everyday cityscape and daily lives of the people with strong support from the government. In the UK, on the otherhand, there is no such encouragement and urban farm schemes rely on associations lacking in funds. We still rely on the supermarkets and the food that has flown thousands of miles to get to us. So let the investigations commence!
Images from Sustainable Cities, Denmark and video from 'Around the World in 80 Gardens' (BBC 2008) on YouTube

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