I ❤ LDN 2012

On Thursday we went to the Olympic Games. We arrived in the beautiful sunshine and for a few hours wandered around the Olympic Park to take in the sights of the stadia in their gorgeous surroundings. What a contrast between delicate wildflowers and strong, unique architecture. We watched handball in the basketball arena, which was great fun, and sat in the park watching the big screen as the sun went down, entertained by Mr Bolt in the 200m.

The London 2012 Olympics has been all I expected and more. I've been an excited advocate from the off, all those seven years ago, and it seems around the world people have been impressed too. Fear not, the Paralympics is yet to come, and I hope there will be as much enthusiasm around these games as there has been for the first.

But for now, the Closing Ceremony is about to start...

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