More Burger

Dan and I were determined to have some lobster for lunch today. Burger and Lobster has a newer place in Farringdon, which is where we were, so perfect! ....well no! It was closed. After a walk and a tube journey we got to Soho, the location of another B&L we haven't yet tried. Same problem: closed! Resigned to the fact we would not be eating lobster for lunch (who are we anyway?!?) Time Out was consulted and we found ourselves near Honest Burgers.

I was happy to find they had chicken and D was happy to have the traditional beef burger, even more so to discover the chips were coated in rosemary salt! They serve local London ale and I always love a place that presents lemonade in jam jars. They were good, simple, honest burgers and I say go and have a try yourself.

We also had a coffee in the Workshop Coffee Co. in Farringdon. Very good, and the tap water comes in a milk bottle (so easily pleased!!)
Images from Honest Burgers

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