My Brand

Starting the last few months of my MArch gets me thinking about what I'm going to do after. Get a job is the simple answer! However in the last few months we have had somewhat demoralising lectures about the state of the architectural profession which has confirmed to me that I'm not going to go for a traditional post-degree route. Yet speakers who've come in have highlighted that we have a great skill set and so I'm not worried, more excited as to what the future will hold.

A key thing is to have a brand, I think, and to define myself as a designer. Above these pictures have given me some great ideas - a stamped cv! Not only is this how I will present my work at exhibition but also developing my online presence. This blog allows me to capture all my personal interests but I want to have a more professional portfolio as well as continuing maud... and then actually making stuff when not attached to my laptop! It's going to be a busy time, but an exciting one.
Images by Emmadime

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