Cow and Chicken

Without knowing it, Dan took me to one of the most current eateries in London for my belated birthday treat, Tramshed. This evening it's at the top of TimeOut London's Most Popular list. Before we even got inside, I was enticed by the farmers market-like stall out the front and when we walked in the Damien Hirst cow and chicken commands your attention high up in this vast open hall. 

We went for the kilo steak to share (we love steak and also weren't keen on the idea of a cooked chicken with feet still attached hanging in front of us). At first the both of us were worried it was a case of eyes bigger than tum, but we ploughed through the delicious meat with side of onion rings, minted greens and fries. As for dessert, I had Credit Crunch ice cream which was honeycomb and hot chocolate sauce goodness - absolutely delicious!

Tramshed is definitely worth a visit, I like the novelty of a massive shareable steak and loved the ice cream! I wonder how the chicken tastes...?

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