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Back in July, three generations of the girls in my family went to visit Charleston, the home belonging to the artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant in Sussex. Vanessa was the sister of Virginia Woolf and with the rest of the Bloomsbury set they lived an alternative life (the family tree is intertwined to say the least) in this artisan house through the first half of the 20th Century. The cottage garden is beautifully kept with an incredible mix of colours but the interior of the house is something else. Besides the amazing art collection, including Renoir, Picasso and Sickert, the Charleston is an art work in itself. The walls and furniture were painted by Bell and Grant in the most delightful colours and patterns... and the art studio is just wow. The house tour was so worth it and you learn so much more than if you were to just wander by yourself. I would highly recommend a visit, and also pop along to Berwick Church nearby to see the artists' murals depicting war time Britain.

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