Up on High

We arrived in to Florence's Art Deco station and walked just 5 minutes til we arrived at our next abode, Anna's place, a typical Florentine apartment. Our initial evening wander around the outskirts of the city wasn't fruitful but we headed back into the centre collecting ingredients for a homemade carbonara dinner from various delicatessens on the way home.

Our time in Florence was one of climbing - the top of the bell tower (well, I got most of the way up, Dan carried on), up the steep slopes of the Boboli Gardens, and to the top of the Duomo's cupola (again, I didn't go all the way, but to stand outside you have got to be crazy!!) Even though my legs were shaking and my palms were clammy, the views from the top were fantastic whether seeing Florence and its surroundings or getting up close to the dome's painted ceiling. Our evening was spent at the not-a-restaurant Teatro del Sale. The premise is that it's infact a theatre with a pre-performance buffet from the kitchen of Fabio Picchi, which we sat next to and watched the action inside... chickens being spit roasted, bread being baked, potatoes being roasted. After we drew up our chairs to the stage and the evening was finished off with a quirky, one woman show in Italian by Maria Cassi - an off-the-wall way to end our brief time in Florence...

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