Twelve Things: March's Sewing

In my mission to keep trying new things each month of this year, March's activity was a sewing project. Our little flat is on the ground floor and has fantastic big original sash windows, so the only downside is people wandering and peering in as we're watching TV in our dressing gowns on a Saturday morning! The sheets of tracing paper did a temporary job, but getting re-inspired by this year's series of The Great British Sewing Bee, I thought I'd make us some "net" curtains. With a new sewing machine (thanks Mum for the newest hand-me-down), some inexpensive muslin and curtain cord from good ol' Wilkos, I was ready to go.

1.   measure up your windows
2.   add extra for the hems +2cm for the side seams, +4cm from the top and bottom seams plus any extra you might want for gather (we chose ours to have only a little gather)
3.   doing the side seams first, fold over twice by 1cm, press with a hot iron and pin, then sew along each edge. repeat with the top and bottom, this time fold over by 2cm twice
4.   finally thread through the curtain wire, add the eyes (attach hooks to the windows if they're not already there) and hang up your lovely, simple "net curtains"

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