British Landscape

After not managing to visit for the last couple of years, yesterday Mum, Dad and I explored the vast array of artworks at the Summer Exhibition. With the price list in hand, we wandered through the galleries, gazing at the large canvases to the smallest of prints of old names to new emerging artists. I hadn't considered that we would buy a piece but year on year you start to realise your favourites and yesterday we were drawn again to the work of Norman Ackroyd. I am always somewhat mesmerised by the landscapes that he creates of the most extreme points on our British Isles: dramatic seascapes or the rolling hills of the northern counties. The programme 'What do artists do all day?' gives a fantastic insight to just that, and it is incredible to see Ackroyd's working process that leads to such beautiful etchings. The work in the programme is the bottom image, The Rumbleings Muckle Flugga, Shetland.  I'm now so excited to see Upper Wharfedale when it arrives, but in the meantime see exhibit 185 at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition before 17th August.

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