Today the Laurens and I decided to escape Canterbury and head for the bright lights (and, oddly, the colder temperatures) of London! The aim of the day was to have a cultural trip, go snap happy with our camera and have a good Sunday lunch out... with a sprinkling of shopping! Tate and Topshop!
At the Tate Modern we saw the new installation in the Turbine Hall, a huge shipping crate inside which was a great black expanse set to fear you as you walked into what appeared to be never ending darkness... and then we had a wander around the main galleries!We had lunch under the gaze of St. Paul and then set off towards Oxford Street for a little retail therapy! The gentleman at the top was searching through the book stalls on South Bank, what a sweet character!

I love London, always have, always will, and even though today was a quick yet exhausting trip, I cannot wait til I'm there again.

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  1. WOW! That photo of the old guy is beautiful! Amazing colours. Snazzy, Dowle, snazzy.