Carpenter Girl

I've been exploring my inner carpenter today, finishing the prototype chair for my interdisciplinary project. Sawing, chiseling and drilling is a tiring business, I'm pooped! It has definitely been worth making the mock-up, as there are a number of changes that need to be made in the 'real thing'. Been having a gander at the work by Greg Hatton, as pointed out by fine little day. Inspiration for a future furniture project maybe?

The weather at the moment is beautiful, not a cloud in the sky, not even an Icelandic volcanic ash cloud! Yesterday I went to a lovely pub near by for my primary school friend's 21st. As parentals were invited too it was like being back in the playground all those years ago. In the evening my cousin, my brother and I went for drinks in London and even saw George Michael (we had a vouchers for a posh hotel bar!)

Chicken's roasting in the kettle BBQ for Sunday dinner... smells deliiiicious!

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  1. ahaha love the photo of dad in the chair