Fair Isle

I inherited a hilarious 1983 knitting book from my great aunt. I can't even begin to explain the make up and hair-do's. Utter magic. Having a flick through I though I would have a go at knitting one of the less questionable designs, a timeless fair-isle. I haven't knitted for a while but had a go at a small section and it turned out alright, so now I'm going for it!

I came across the Color Collective blog and thought using one of the images to get colour imspiration was a great idea. I picked this bottom image, checked out the wools I can get, and then transferred them onto the pattern. I have enought needles to last me a life time so I just need to go get the wool and then the cardi will be on its way...
Images: 2. Rowan 3. Color Collective

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