Jazzy Jumper

One of my favourite blogs to frequent once in a while is Copenhagen Street Style, so it was interesting this morning to see this girl wearing a jumper similar to the one I am hoping to create!

We've had big news in the hen house- our first egg!! It was found lying in the run yesterday (they obviously haven't quite caught on to the idea of the "nesting box" - we'll give them time) but we didn't expect to get one after just a week! They've all got such characters: Polly (the featherless one, which I named) is the most confident and will come up and say hello, and peck Puck when he threatens to bark. The other two are still unsure and shy, but we can easily tell the difference as Henrietta's crown flops to the left and Mrs Thatcher's to the right! (geddit?!)

Today I'm going to a mini-festival in Surrey called MATTfest started by a uni friend - called Matt - and raising money for charity, should be fun!

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