Summer Art

Today Ma and I went to the Royal Academy Summer exhibition, an annual outing to see such a variety of painting, prints, sculpture, photography and architecture. It's so interesting to see such a plethora from both amateurs and professionals. The question 'is that art?' pops up on many occasions, as well as 'how can that be worth £125,000?!', but we always love to have a wander around.
I had some particular favourites. The architecture room was great - and seeing as it's my chosen profession made me excited to see the sort of work that can be produced - and occupied a bigger space than previous years. Individually I liked:

Oran O'reillly's Rizla (After Hokusai)
Thomas Hillier's Migration of Mel and Judith
Ian Whittlesea's The Sun is but a Morning Star
Images from: 1-2. Amelia's magazine 3.Oran O'reilly 4. Thomas Hillier 5. Peter Foolen

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