Yellow Sheep

I am on a computer all day at work, so when I jump on the train or tube I really relish the opportunity to get out a book. I haven't read a novel since devouring the Twilight series last summer. This year I have returned to my love for the classics - I read The Great Gatsby, and am currently speeding through Jane Eyre. It's the first time I've read it, though this adaptation was on TV a few years ago, and you can grab it for a bargain here. I can vaguely remember the outline, but I'm so keen to get through the book, I get it out of my bag!

Even so when I'm home I jump back online and this fantastic cardigan, which I will purchase at the soonest possibility, I discovered whilst 'blog hopping'. PaperTissue is great for pretty images (shame about the adverts) and I came across this Style Scrapbook image of a mustard coloured cardigan! I have been searching for one since I spotted this snap. Many items of attire are being bought at the moment, but it's all in aid of my "work wardrobe"!
Image from Style Scrapbook

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