Bricks & Balconies

This evening I went on a Google maps adventure. Streetview is an architectural student's best friend - when you can't get back to site, you can visit via the world wide web. Every morning I go past two blocks of flats which always catch my eye, but I could only locate them from the railway line, not knowing which street they're on. But I found them!

The first is Bear Lane by Panter Hudspith Architects. I really like the mix of shapes and window sizes all kept consistent by buff brick. The second is O-Central by Space Craft. It's the extruded wooden balconies which I like. Even thoough I feel like I'm not actively researching architecture after a busy day, subconciously I'm absorbing all the time!
Images: 1. via worldarchitecturenews from panter huspidth; and 2. from space craft


  1. look around hamburg - around am sandtorkai there are some awesome blocks of flats that look a bit like this.
    might have to google map it, not sure they have streetview for hamburg...

  2. Love the building in the first pic - have to wonder how that's planned out, I'd love to know how the rooms work inside...