Burger or Lobster

It does exactly what it says on the tin. Burger or lobster? Definitely lobster! D and I went to eat at the original Burger & Lobster on Clarges Street back in the winter. We arrived at 7.30 knowing we'd have to wait... "an hour and a half?!?!"... we walked away. Take two was a few weeks ago and we went even more prepared that we'd be going for some pre-dinner drinks around the corner. This time around: "we'll call you in an hour and a half... to two and a half hours" WHAT?! Ah well, we waited it out, and two hours later it was our time.

Every one of the three choices on the menu - burger, grilled lobster or lobster roll - is £20 including fries and salad. We both went for the grilled lobster, and it was great. I'd never had lobster before, but I enjoyed working for my food! It was well-worth the wait and since we've only been recommending Burger & Lobster, which has a new restaurant on Dean Street. In fact Brother D went not long after us, and was seated straight away!!


  1. Lobster is super tasty! Sounds like a fabulous place to eat. :)

    Thanks for the post, you have a great blog.

  2. I'd definitely recommend it! Thank you, and thanks for visiting!