East End

I'm back at work for a few weeks to earn some monies over the summer holidays. The project I'm working on is in Hackey next to Hackney City Farm and the other day I went down to take some snaps when there was a consultation on. The hospital has been empty for 20 years odd, although Goldsmith's Row alongside it has become a constant route for cyclists and others have made their mark in a different way.


  1. I love Hackney but I wasn't familiar with this area. What do you think about the gentrification of it? I remember going to Spitalfields Market about fifteen years ago and it was all quite genuine and authentic. Now it's all full of boutiques charging premium. Hackney is slowly going the same as Hoxton and Shoreditch. Shame, really, as I do dig it.

    Great snaps. Keep papping! :-)

  2. Hackney and East London are areas I'm only just getting to know myself, I'm more familiar with Shoreditch but since it has become gentrified. This was a concern of some of the residents in the area, that they are being displaced by the "young hip things" I guess. It's good to see the improvement of areas, at the same time it's sad to see people becoming disillusioned with the place they call home.

    Cheers! Thanks for your comment!