I have been incredibly lucky to have visited the Olympic park three times over the past month. On Sunday I was invited to go to the Paralympics with Steph and, with day passes, we were able to see wheelchair tennis, goalball and wheelchair basketball. Then last night Rhian took Fi and myself to watch the evening session at the Olympic stadium.

Walking into arena is just incredible when you see the seats all taken; people smiling, cheering and waving flags. The superhuman athletes are phenomenal themselves, no matter what nationality everyone screamed them on (only the yells became louder when it was Team GB!) We were sat next to family friends of one of the GB athletes, Paul Blake, which made the cheering all the more special. There was 80,000 peoples worth of good vibes in that place last night!

I've said this before, but the whole atmosphere around the Games has been great. I've got many happy memories from watching London 2012 but I don't want it to end!

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