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I've been MIA for the last (what!!) 6 weeks!! No excuses, well apart from I had my final ever portfolio deadline for MArch, so I'm back on it. I miss rambling on here and making record of what I get up to. Also I am currently in the making of a website of my work - so watch this space.

Since finishing I have got back into cooking and baking. Dan bought lots of fruit to keep healthy over deadline time, but some of the bananas were left over so nothing is more perfect than to make them into banana cake. I took this Nigella recipe and added rough chunks of dark chocolate. It went down a treat, far too quickly.

Today I decided to try and bake a loaf of bread, of the tiger variety. It was a basic white loaf recipe with a cornflour and milk mix spread on top before baking to create the crackling. I think the oven must have been too hot (the one here at uni is a bit temperamental and you can't see in!) and so left any longer, the crust would have got crustier but the insides needed more time. Maybe I didn't knead the dough properly in the first place? Help?

A more successful dish was the paella I cooked for the girls on Tuesday evening, this time a Jamie recipe. It went down an absolute treat and I will definitely make it again, it was so easy! Here and here are a few more of my culinary experiments. 

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