Positive Procrastination

It may, on the off, sound like an oxymoron but procrastination can be positive. When I was working I somehow found myself scrolling through Pinterest, pinning beautiful clothes, interiors shots, puppies... nothing related to what I should be. Then suddenly. The one. An incredible precedent for the part of my project I was yet to resolve, jumping out of the screen at me. Brilliant! Then the last half hour of skirts and kitchens didn't seem so bad after all!

Another is a fortunate accident or serendipity, like the John Cusack/Kate Beckinsale flick of the noughties. As a non-tattoo type serendipity is the only thing I would ever consider having scribed if my life ever depended on it! I go on and on and on about coincidences: thinking about a friend you haven't spoken to in months and the next second your phone beeps with a message from them, or having spoken about the said film Serendipity, the next day in a cafe they play on of the more obscure songs from the soundtrack (oh yeah, I have the sound track!) Perhaps I'm highly aware of them, cause do coincidences get distributed equally? Who knows, but I do know I'll continue picking them out for a long time to come!

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