Industrial Wilderness

Considering we've both lived in Manchester for two years, neither Dan or myself have visited Salford. The adventure started on Bank Holiday Monday and we boarded the tram (I was probably a bit too excited about this!) with the riffraff and ended up on the outskirts of the city under the looming gaze of the new BBC HQ. First stop was the IWM North, having scrutinised the external cladding of this Daniel Libeskind building we had a good look around inside. Next we went and grabbed some lunch at The Lowry where we saw many a painting from the main man himself and a photography exhibition by Mary McCartney, which has beautiful black and white photos of ballet dancers. All in all, I'm glad I've ticket Salford off my list before I leave Manchester but I wouldn't rush back to this empty wasteland. Hopefully warmer weather will draw the crowds...

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