Dinner Time

Since moving out again and no longer having my wonderful mother to cook for me when I get home from work, it's been down to us to feed ourselves (poor souls!) I actually love to cook in the evening to wind down and I guess I see it as another form of creativity, and the ultimate benefit is you get to eat it at the end! The dishes I choose to make don't take an age to cook, cause I'm often starving by the time I get home. Give them a go! So, from top (click for recipe source):

I exchanged the courgette, chili and broad beans for mange tout and cabbage that we already had

a Nigella recipe I have done before and will undoubtedly do again

for 'Meat Free Monday' last week I stuffed two peppers each with quinoa, aubergine, peppers, peas and feta

Suckling pig on the most delicious sauce, not cooked by me but enjoyed by myself and my brother at Brixton Cornercopia, my favourite place of the moment!

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