Here's to 2014

After the fun and festivities of Christmas my mind always immediately switches to the excitement of the new year approaching, and this year was no exception. The clean slate already has chalky scribbles of ideas all over it. Aside from getting back in the pool, the aim is to join up on the local veg scheme, make our flat more homely: get pictures of us and everyone up on the wall, inspired by these; acquire a new dining table, upcycle more; join a dance class; learn to screen print (properly); buy flowers once in a while, and hang them out to dry to make 'em last longer; purchase a second hand bike to become my new best friend; take this space to a new place…

I said to Dan the other day that in 2014 we should have an adventure every month of this coming year. What that might be yet? Who knows but it’ll be a sure fire way to explore London and it’s surroundings, hopefully even further afield, and do some things new. (Here's what I was thinking over the past few new years!)

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