Parsnip & Ginger

These days I don't even bat an eyelid when I hear about a vegetable being utilised in a sweet cake. Over the past year it has been a theme or a challenge to try the less usual - courgette, beetroot and now parsnip. To say I am obsessed with the Edinburgh bakery Lovecrumbs is an enormous underestimate; I almost squeal with delight when a new picture is posted on their Instagram feed. The parsnip and ginger cake was one such occasion and immediately afterwards I hunted down this recipe from Baking Mad. The parsnips came from our weekly veg bag - which we are really enjoying. I was in a bit of a rush to make the cake this weekend and made the mistake of not reading the recipe fully before I start. See the egg picture above: I should have melted the butter first, so ended up straining out the egg (which I saved for an omelette last night), melting the butter and re-adding fresh eggs. Faff!

To the cake: it's delicious! Give it a go! The parsnips make the sponge light and the ginger in the cake and icing give it a fantastic spicy kick. My work colleagues today devoured it, which must be a great sign. So... which vegetable next?


  1. Sara this sounds amazing! Ginger pretty much makes everything better, in my opinion.

    1. Thanks Taylor! It really does, my boyfriend isn't a fan at all... more cake for me!!