Twelve Things: February's Pasta

For Christmas this year we didn't exchange presents and instead booked ourselves into a Jamie Oliver Recipease Pasta Master cookery class which we did this evening. The biggest revelation is how simple making your own pasta is - when we were in Montepulciano, the gnocci we made was pretty time consuming, but pasta is speedy and easy. The class was taught really well and concisely, and the chefs Jimmy and Simon came round and gave us extra tips and answered our questions at the end. We made four types of pasta: spaghetti, linguini, pappardelle and farfalle and a classic tomato, basil, garlic and chilli sauce with lashings of balsamic vinegar and virgin olive oil and with mounds of parmesan to taste. We all sat down after with a glass of vino and enjoyed the fruits of our labours. Now we know that pasta making is so achievable there is no excuse not to make it fresh at home... just need to get a pasta machine!

Looking back: in January I started to learn to swing.

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