Twelve Things: June's Knit

When we moved to Brixton and I found out there was a knit shop in nearby Herne Hill, I was more than a little bit excited. Sharp Works also run workshops and a few months ago I signed up to the Fair Isle class to learn how to do stranded colour work. I've tried knitting with colour before, but the class was great for learning new tips - how to catch the strands at the back which can get loose and easily caught, or the continental or British way of holding the yarn (yup, there are different ways!) Now I've got the basics, I'm keen to give a Fair Isle jumper a go sometime and these two above, under the snaps of my practice swatch, are some beautiful examples that I'd like to have a try and emulating. Stranding colour work is simpler knitting in the round so I've signed up to that class now...

Images: 1 Polienne 2 Muita Ihania

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