Twelve Things: May's Running

If you had told me this time last year, or even a couple of months ago, that I would be... wait for it... running, I would have said 'NO WAY!' I wasn't a runner, or even a jogger, and an experience a few years back when I went out for a "run" with brother Dowle left me slightly scarred. I've been wanting to do something in order to get my fitness levels up (and to stop me feeling sick when if I have to run for a train!) but my usual go-to of swimming had become somewhat inconvenient during the working week.

It all happened very suddenly. Running clothes were ordered, couch to 5k app downloaded on my phone and all of sudden, one Saturday four weeks ago, Dan had turned into a personal trainer. At first I could really only run for a minute, walking in between, but honestly this interval training business really works. Over the past month I have been waking up early before work, turning on my 'Run Forrest Run' playlist and hearing the nice lady on the Get Running app telling me how far I've got to go. Tomorrow morning I'll be running for 8 minutes straight twice over. And I've bought a proper pair of running shoes.

I must be enjoying myself or I wouldn't get up at 6am to do this, but it's by no means the same feeling I get when I go dancing. With this though I've got a goal: I'm going to do a 10k run in the autumn. May was a great time to start with summer on the way and it's quite rewarding early on a sunny morning running up a hill and seeing this view.

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